Knowledge Sharing Learning and Innovation

 FGMI believe that anyone, anywhere can make a positive impact by developing study blogs and websites to make the profession easy for professionals. This site is dedicated to Distance Learner Students and professionals who always seek knowledge and wisdom.  My goal is to inspire the community of educators who wants to educate the educators.

I consider myself in an inspiring and challenging team oriented work environment that encourages, develops and rewards excellence. I am committed to diligently serving our  community while maintain high standards of moral and ethical values. To make a customer driven and result oriented team work which bring success to all its users through a commitment to joint effort excellence, innovation, creativity and social responsibility.


Ready to help who seeks knowledge and share!


To be an educator for educators!


My values serve as a guide for my everyday work. I describe how i should serve our professionals and students work together as colleagues.

I always find new ways to improve and create values.
I am not over promising.
I am about actions, not words.
I don’t complicate things. Everything i create its easy to understand and use.


Fouziya G. Mustafa, and Ghulam Mujtaba. Effect of Global Recession on Banking Crisis: Factors Responsible to Effect Global Recession on Banking Crisis. LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2012. Pages 152. ISBN:  978-3659268885

Fouziya G. Mustafa, and Muhammad Asif Mustafa. Synthesis and Characterization of Total Base Number for Engine Oil :  Engine Oil Components. LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2012. Pages 96. ISBN: 978-3659280177

Professional Affiliations

Pakistan Library Association (PLA)

Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO)



  1. M.Usman says:

    Creative and excellent work, some people always throw stones in your path, it depends on you what you make with them, wall or bridge, remember you are the architect of your life, I always pray for your optimistic future. Designing and Picture are outstanding.

  2. Fauzia G says:

    Thank you Usman

  3. Nice blog, excellent work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    excellent work mam

  5. Fauzia G says:

    Thanks it is for all professionals and Students of MLIS

  6. Samina says:

    veru informative mam, really glad to explore multi resources on one forum! Great!

  7. Anonymous says:

    great effort fozia
    keep it up….

  8. Nazia Sattar says:

    excellent effort

  9. Asif Altaf says:

    Good work fauzia, keep it up

  10. Mahwish Hashim says:

    very nice to read the blog, specialy to see all reference sources under one it. May Allah success you with great zeal as you determine.

  11. Zahid Khan says:

    Well effort-Like it

  12. Zia ur Rehman says:

    SUPERB! Ms Fouzia I’m happy to see your great work like that… keep it up… 🙂

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